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    If you think the Foxhound looks like a dog that you have seen in artwork from the Revolutionary War period, you are not mistaken. This classic breed has been in the United States since the 18th Century where it was found in Maryland and Virginia. Now, the breed has declined in popularity, but it still remains a staple with hunters who appreciate its ability to work during the hunt. The dog is fast and loves to run. It is also an easy-going breed that can have streaks of independence and stubbornness.
    At Tags4Tails, we have created a classic looking medallion featuring this beautiful dog set against a white enamel background. The dog name tags are finished in gold or silver with exquisite details. The dog id tags are just the right size to fit on dog collars as well as key chains and they come with all the necessary hardware.
    The backs of the dog name tags are blank, making them the perfect canvas for personalization. There is enough room to add your dog’s name and your phone number to make them useful personalized id tags. Reward your Foxhound for its hard work with a medallion.