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    English Springer

    The friendly and smart English Springer is a dog designed for hunting. The gun dog is often used to flush game birds into the air so the hunter can do his job. They can also be trained to do a variety of other skills. They enjoy retrieving and they can be trained to use a soft mouth so they do not damage the goods. They also can be trained to follow hand signals so they can follow instructions from a distance. Many Springers are also used by law enforcement agencies to sniff out explosives and other dangerous substances.
    You can easily show your pride for his hard working dog by putting one of our Tags4Tails dog name tags on one of its dog collars. Our collection of dog id tags for all dog breeds come in different finishes, including shiny gold and silver, as well as antiqued gold and silver. Some models also have different colored enamels, too.
    Our dog name tags can also be personalized with our engraving service. With our customized engraving, you can put your dog’s name and your phone number on the plain back. The personalized id tags can give you peace of mind knowing that your dog can be identified if it goes missing.