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    English Setter

    The English Setter is a popular gun dog with a beautiful coat. They come in a variety of different colors, but they all have the silky fringes on their bellies and legs. This active and strong dog will run as long as it needs to to find its catch, which is usually game birds like the pheasant or grouse. The female and male dogs are easily recognizable by the different sizes of their heads. The puppies are all solid colors; the variety of spots begin to appear as the dogs grow older.
    Our English Setter dog name tags feature the strong profile of this athletic dog set against a white enamel background. The attractive dog name tags are sized to fit the build of the dog and we include the necessary hardware to attach them to your favorite dog collars. We also offer the option of creating personalized id tags so your dog can be returned to you if lost.
    At Tags4Tails, we offer an engraving service for our dog id tags. The backs of the dog name tags are plain with just enough room to add your English Setter’s name and your phone number.