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    The Dachshund is named for its original purpose, to drive badgers out of their holes. The small dog’s name literally means badger-hound when translated from German. Over the years, the adorable Dachshund has earned a loving nickname for its long, thin body and short legs: the hot dog, wiener dog, or sausage dog. No matter what you call your Dachshund, you love your little pup. When you are ready to show how much you adore your dog, our collection of customizable dog name tags has plenty of Dachshund options to select.
    Each of our dog id tags includes an exquisitely engraved image of the adorable Dachshund along with the dog’s name. The medallions come in silver, gold, and antiqued silver or gold. The back of each medallion is blank so you can fully personalize the piece before you put on one of your pet’s dog collars.
    Many of our clients will add their phone number and their dog’s name to the back of the medallion. Our personalized id tags are not only stylish; but they are functional, by allowing someone to return your dog to you if it goes missing. Our dog name tags can be a truly one-of-a-kind gift that will be loved for many years to come.