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    The graceful Collie continues to be a dog that families love. This devoted and proud dog loves to run around and play. There is something endearingly lovely about this breed that is well known due to its gorgeous looks and celebrity status. Thanks to Lassie, the most famous dog in cinema, and other famous Collies like Lyndon Johnson’s pet Blanco and the Texas A&M mascot Reveille, Collies are easily recognizable, even by people who do not know dog breeds. This beautiful herding breed comes has many different types in different sizes and with different colored coats.
    At Tags4Tails, the graceful look of the Collie has been captured on our dog name tags. Our Collie collection includes personalized id tags in different finishes like gold, silver, and antiqued versions. With the plain backs, it is easy to add your Collie’s name and your phone number with our engraving service. The attractive front makes the dog name tags an attractive addition to your pet’s collar and our engraving service makes them a useful product, too.