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    Cocker Spaniel

    The smallest sporting dog, the Cocker Spaniel, is a charming dog that quickly becomes a part of a family. The beautiful coat and elegant stride of the Cocker Spaniel make it an easily recognizable dog and one that frequently wins dog show prizes. Families enjoy their Cocker Spaniel pets because the breed is so gently and merry. It is also a good breed to have around children. The breed comes in a variety of different colors and can be from either England or the US, which is why they are named English or American Cocker Spaniels.
    Our dog name tags are designed to stand out from the lovely coats of dogs like the Cocker Spaniel. They come in several varieties of finishes, like gold and silver, as well as antiqued versions and enameled versions, too. They feature the breed name and the recognizable profile. We have designed them in a size that complements the size of the breed. Our dog name tags can be personalized on the back. The personalized id tags have space for your dog’s name andy your phone number, which makes the tags not only beautiful, but useful, too.
    Each of our dog id tags come with the necessary pieces so you can easily add it to dog collars. They can also be hung from a keyring or added to a dog carrier.