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    If you need to track a scent, the Bloodhound is the dog to do it. This dog has the best tracking ability of any breed. They were originally used to hunt for forest animals like wild boar and deer. Now, they are often used by police forces to track criminals and escaped prisoners.
    The unmistakable look of the Bloodhound and their gentle temperament make the breed popular with families. The breed has been used for hunting for at least 1000 years. Historians believe the dog was first bred in France, then given to British royalty as a gift.
    The iconic Bloodhound is featured in our collection of medallions and dog name tags. The exquisite engraving shows a detailed image of the Bloodhound and its droopy jaw and ears. When you decide to purchase dog name tags, we can add your dog’s name and your phone number so you dog can be identified and returned if it gets away. The personalized id tags come with plain backs to fit the engraving.
    We designed our dog id tags in different finishes, so you can pick the one that flatters your dog’s coat. We also made sure that the medallions were the right size so they would stand out against dog collars and make a stylish statement.