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    The adorable Bichon is an extremely popular dog because of its amiable qualities and small size. At one point in time, the Bichon was a dog that was commonly found in the medieval European court, especially in the court of Henry III of France. Eventually, the adorable family dog made its way to the United States in the 1950s, where it has been growing in popularity ever since.
         The little companion dog is playful and quite charming. They actually serve as helpful watch dogs, despite their diminutive size. They are slightly bigger than the typical toy dog and are categorized as sporting dogs.
        The Bichon looks lovely when dressed up in a darling collar and medallion. Our collection of dog name tags featuring this adorable dog comes with exquisite design and engraving. Each of thedog id tags we offer have plain backs so you can have your dog’s name and your phone number engraved. These personalized id tags can help bring your dog back to you if it gets away.
        The dog name tags designed for the Bichon are small enough to fit on their dog collars. They also look great hanging from keychains, marking a pet carrier, and decorating a bracelet or necklace.