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    Bernese Mountain Dog

    The Bernese Mountain Dog has an interesting and old lineage, dating back to the Roman Empire. Over 2000 years ago, Roman soldiers brought the dog into Switzerland and the dog worked farms, watched over family homes, and helped to move farm animals over long distances. Some dogs also pulled carts with lightweight cargo.

    It is easy to fall in love with the Bernese Mountain Dog, which is why we have created a collection of dog name tags that feature this gorgeous animal. Whether you choose a gold, silver, or antique finish, our dog id tags are designed to fit perfectly on dog collars as well as keychains.

    Whether you are using the dog name tags to decorate your pet’s collar or to give as a gift, we offer personalization for them. You can engrave your pet’s name and your phone number. This way, the personalized id tags can help bring your Bernese Mountain Dog back home if it wanders away.