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    Belgian Malinois

    Named after Belgian city Mechlin, Belgian Malinois is one of the four standard sheepdogs of this country. Malinois is the favorite among Belgian shepherds. They were bred to serve as strong and reliable field assistants.
    Nowadays Belgian Malinois is well-known for its cattle breeding, it is dutiful, deft, hardworking and sociable; they work as police dogs as well. This dog’s colour is uniform reddish with “coal” and black mask. Malinois’s mask covers lips (upper and lower) and eyelids in one black zone. White colour is allowed on breast and fingers.
    That’s why we have designed such tags which can be excellently combined with a wonderful color of your dog.
    Here you always have an opportunity to order and buy Belgian Malinois personalized dog tags, especially designed for this breed.
    Lightly elongated neck, dry and muscular, gradually turning into shoulders, a strong but not heavy body and not wide lowered breast – all these particularities were taken into consideration when designing dog name tags we expose at our website, which will become an outstanding complement to your dog. Besides, our dog id tags combined with dog collars will help your dog in case it lost. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Select and buy dog name tags on our website!