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    Who doesn’t love the classic look of the Beagle? This gorgeous breed has been featured in paintings, on television, in the movies, and in literature. It has even been included in one of the most popular comic strips of all times: Peanuts. The dog breed has been around for over 2,500 years and its ability to track and hunt rabbits, deer, and other animals has made it useful for its human families.
    Now the dog is popular for its gentle temperament, small size, and good looks. It is commonly used to sniff out quarantined food items in airport terminals. They are also used as therapy dogs because they are so helpful and loyal.
    We have a lovely collection of exquisitely designed dog name tags for Beagles. They come in different finishes: gold, silver, and antiqued. They are the perfect size to fit on your Beagle’s dog collars or you can place them on your keychain, pet carrier, or your own jewelry. Each medallion has a plain back they can be turned into personalized id tags so your dog can be returned to you it if ever wanders away from home.
    The dog names tags are perfect to give as a gift to your favorite Beagle. We offer dog id tags for nearly every breed as well as some with catchy sayings that show how you feel about your best four-legged friend.