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    Basset Hound

    The Basset Hound has become one of the most recognizable breeds of dogs due to a plethora of appearances in movies, on television, in cartoons, and in advertisements. With its short legs, long ears, and lovable face, it is easy to see why this dog is loved by so many. Despite the Basset Hound’s popularity in the media, the dog was bred to sniff out the scent of rabbits. The only breed with better ability to sniff out its prey is the Bloodhound.

    At Tags4Tails, we have created a collection of dog name tags that feature the memorable qualities of this popular breed. In gold, silver, and antiqued finishes, you can choose from several personalized id tags that will best match your Basset Hound’s markings and temperament. These dog name tags are designed to fit on any dog collars , as well as key chains, dog carriers, and even human jewelry.

    We designed the medallions to be blank on the back so you can have your dog id tags personalized. There is enough space to engrave your pet’s name as well as your phone number. With the personalization, your dog could easily be returned to you if it wanders away from home.