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    As one of the largest terriers, the strong Airedale is easily recognizable by its wiry, tan coat. It got its name from the Aire River in England where the breed reportedly was created by mixing an Otter Hound with a Terrier. Some believe the original mix included an English Bullterrier and a black and tan Terrier. The Airedale was originally used to hunt rats along the Aire River banks.
    Airedales were a popular breed in the early 1900s as celebrities like John Steinbeck and John Wayne had the breed as pets. Presidents Coolidge and Wilson had Airedales, too. Now, the dog is popular for its sweet disposition and courageous confidence.
    At Tags4Tails, we know how much our customers love their pets, which is why we have created a full line of personalized dog tags. The regal and strong Airedale looks fantastic with one of our specially designed dog id tags that fit perfectly on dog collars. If your dog is ever lost, our personalized dog name tags can help insure that your dog returns safely to you.
    There is no time like the present to order an exquisitely engraved and detailed set of dog name tags for your Airedale Terrier.